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4 Stylish Ways to Rock Your Silk Saree: Tips for Trendy Draping!

The saree is a timeless traditional garment known for its exquisite beauty and versatility. Regardless of your age, wearing a saree can enhance your appearance and make you feel confident. Here are some tips on how to style your silk saree to create a stunning look:

1. Select the right jewelry

Pairing the right set of jewelry with your silk saree is crucial to elevate your overall look. For weddings or parties, opt for heavy earrings and a necklace to add glamour. For receptions or cocktail parties, go for elegant and smart earrings and a necklace to exude class.

2. Try pant-style saree draping

Pant-style draping is a popular trend that combines functionality, comfort, and chicness. To achieve this look, wear a pant underneath your saree and drape it from one leg, leaving one side of the pant visible. This modern style can be achieved with any type of silk saree, be it printed or fancy.

3. Add a belt to your saree

Adding a belt to your saree can instantly amp up your style statement. Drape your saree in a basic manner and cinch your pallu at your waist with a belt. You can even use a Kamar bandh, a waistband traditionally worn with sarees, to achieve this look. Pair it with a statement blouse for added grace.

4. Wear your silk saree like a Lehenga

Another trendy way to drape a saree is to style it like a Lehenga. Pleat and drape the entire length of the saree in a Lehenga style, leaving some part of the pallu to flaunt your grace.

In conclusion, the saree offers endless possibilities for styling, and silk sarees are particularly versatile. At Ethnic Plus, we offer an elegant collection of silk sarees and lehengas online to help you elevate your style. Be confident and wear your saree with flair, and you’ll surely make a fashion statement.

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