Blue Anarkali suit with Bandhani print

Flattering Your Figure: How to Choose the Perfect Salwar Kameez for Your Body Type

Blue Anarkali suit with Bandhani print

There are no limitations on your ability to choose and put on the finest Patiala, salwar, and Anarkali. Be happy with the way your body looks and dress it up with some of our advice.

You don’t have to be thin to look like a million dollars; that’s for the ramp-walk-talky-mannequins, therefore we want to advise you to value yourself more. Wear your Punjabi suits, Patialas, churidars, salwar kameez, shararas, etc. today to catch some attention. Whether you’re at work or playing, wear these outfits to make a statement. The best part about everything is that you may get ready-made party wears outfits online, which is a convenient way to do so. Here is the guide to choose Perfect Salwar Kameez type according to yo Body Type.

For the pear-shaped glass Body
The lower region of a pear-shaped body is wide, while the upper part is thinner. Roughly 20% of the women we are aware of had larger upper bodies with smaller busts, leaner middle regions with defined waistlines, and larger lower halves with more noticeable hips and thighs. If you are a pear-shaped woman, choose salwar suits that can easily balance your appearance by emphasizing your petite waist and upper torso. Your curves will be highlighted while your bulky part is hidden by long, flowing Anarkalis, giving you a beautiful image. You’ll look just as well in other suits with flares from the waist down. Short, well-fitted Punjabi suits that you pair with Patialas or dhoti pants can elongate your frame and give it a more chiseled appearance.

Apple-shaped figure
Approximately 14% of women have amazing curves and an apple-shaped physique. The bigger upper back and bust, along with the broad shoulders and lean limbs, define the body. The only problematic area is the stomach, which needs to be carefully concealed by wearing the appropriate clothing. Try to focus on the more appealing parts of your body rather than your hefty torso if you have an apple-shaped figure. Anarkalis or other flowing, loose-fitting salwar suits should be your go-to ethnic wear. Punjabi suits highlight the length of your arms and legs while lengthening the center of your physique. Look for ethnic clothing with “U” or “V”-shaped necklines to conceal your large shoulders.

Hourglass-shaped body
The most desirable body shape is the hourglass figure, yet only 8% of women have it. The most noticeable features are the rounded buttocks, petite waist, and perfectly shaped legs. An hourglass figure is defined by equal bust and hip dimensions. If you have an hourglass body, dress in anything to highlight your beautiful curves. Any length of Anarkali will draw attention to your best features and significantly increase your seductive appeal. Any additional well-fitted outfits that would highlight your body’s lovely contour are acceptable. Moreover, you can experiment with your necklines.

Rectangle-shaped figure
When looking for salwar suits, it can be challenging if you’re a rectangular diva to focus on just one area of your body. Profit from it and enjoy experimenting with your ethnic look. But it’s always a good idea to get something unique that might provide the impression of a curvaceous body. The best possibilities for you are floor-length, properly tailored Anarkali suits because they highlight your lower body. Suits with elaborate embellishments or gorgeous embroidery on the upper portion will highlight your bust region while also giving the impression that your waist is smaller. You can also use strappy attire, which will hide your body type and highlight your broad shoulders.

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