Purple Shibori Lehenga

Mastering the Art of Styling: A Stylist’s Guide to Wearing Lehenga to a Wedding

The lehenga, an elegant Indian attire, is a favorite choice for women attending weddings due to its versatility and ability to enhance a woman’s beauty, regardless of her body type. To ensure that you steal the spotlight at the event, here is a styling guide to wearing a lehenga perfectly:

1. Flaunt your curves with the right drape

Experiment with different dupatta drapes to enhance the beauty of your lehenga and create unique looks. Whether you have a pear-shaped or apple-shaped body, the right drape can accentuate your curves and add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Research different dupatta drapes online and try out new styles to freshen up your old lehenga.

2. Play with colors

Colors play a crucial role in styling. If you want to reuse your old bridal lehenga without being noticed, experiment with different colors to create a fresh look. Consider replacing your old dupatta with a new one in a contrasting color to add a pop of vibrancy to your outfit. You can also pair your traditional lehenga with unconventional tops like a crop top, satin shirt, or strap top for a unique and trendy Western twist.

3. Try add-ons

Break the traditional norms of lehenga choli by adding trendy add-ons like a jacket, belt, or golden sneakers. A jacket can not only add a modern touch to your lehenga but also enhance your comfort level. Experiment with different add-ons to create a unique style that catches everyone’s attention.

4. Get an alternate dupatta

The double dupatta drape is a trending style for brides, but you can also try it as a guest at a wedding. Experiment with different ways to use two different shades of dupatta to create a fresh and unique design for your lehenga.

5. Style the right jewelry

Jewelry completes the traditional look of a lehenga and enhances a woman’s beauty. Choose the right jewelry pieces that complement your lehenga without overwhelming it. Avoid pairing heavy necklaces with heavy earrings to maintain a balanced and harmonious look. Choose jewelry that enhances the style of your lehenga and adds a touch of elegance to your overall appearance.

In conclusion, the right styling techniques can greatly enhance the beauty and elegance of your lehenga. Experiment with different drapes, colors, add-ons, dupatta styles, and jewelry to create a mesmerizing look that makes you stand out at any event. Follow these styling tips and get ready to rock the wedding with your stunning lehenga ensemble!

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