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Monsoon Chic: How to Slay the Saree Look Even in Rainy Weather

Monsoon is a much-awaited season, full of romance and magic. As the summer fades away and the monsoon approaches, it’s time to upgrade your fashion game to suit the changing weather. And what better way to do that than by adding our all-time favorite Indian attire – the saree – to your wardrobe? Every Indian woman has a special love for sarees, as they enhance the beauty of women of all shapes, ages, and colors. Whether it’s a casual saree, a designer saree, or an Indo-western saree, this six-yard garment exudes splendor and makes you look mesmerizing, especially in this romantic weather. We understand that you may be worried about the rainy weather ruining your saree look, so we’re here to help with some amazing tips to ensure you step out like a diva even in the heavy monsoon.

Color Selection:

While pastel colors and soft shades are the latest saree trends that women are loving, monsoon season requires careful color selection. As the streets get wet and the weather becomes unpredictable, it’s best to avoid pastel whites and peaches that can easily get stained. Instead, opt for vibrant colors like pink, blue, red, or black that can make a bold statement in this season.

Light Fabrics:

Choosing the right fabric is crucial when buying sarees online for monsoon season. Opt for lightweight fabrics like georgette, satin silk, or organza that are easy to carry and comfortable on humid days. Additionally, these fabrics dry quickly if you happen to get drenched in the rain. Avoid cotton and silk sarees as they can cling to your skin and make you uncomfortable.

Pant Saree:

Draping a saree can be inconvenient in the monsoon season, so consider opting for pant sarees to stay cool and stylish. Pant sarees come with pants or palazzos, eliminating the hassle of draping the saree, and allowing you to create a unique statement with your look.

Waterproof Makeup:

Don’t forget about your makeup while rocking the saree look in the monsoon. Waterproof makeup is a must in this season to avoid smudging and unwanted drops. There are plenty of waterproof makeup options available in the market, so choose what suits you best and flaunt your look with confidence.

Choose Footwear:

The right footwear plays a crucial role in monsoon season. Avoid wearing heels with sarees during this time as they may not provide a good grip on wet roads. Opt for flats or shoes that are comfortable and practical for navigating through the rain-soaked streets while maintaining your style.


Minimalistic is the way to go during the monsoon season. Choose sarees with lesser embellishments and opt for bold prints or floral designs that suit the mood of the season. Floral prints can look stunning and add a touch of freshness to your look.

With these tips, you can confidently rock the saree look even in heavy monsoon weather. So go ahead, shop for the best sarees, follow these guidelines, and step out with style and grace in this magical season.

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