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Lehenga-Saree Sets

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Lehenga Sarees

If you want to stay ahead of the fashion game and enjoy the best of both worlds, lehenga sarees are perfect for you. These sarees are a stunning fusion of two of India’s most beloved clothing styles and trends, and Dress Me Royal ensures you stay up-to-date with the latest women’s fashion trends to make the most of the upcoming wedding and festive season. Lehenga sarees have become one of the most popular trends over the past couple of years, and it’s no wonder given their elegance and charm.

Why to choose Lehenga-Saree?

Dress Me Royal’s collection of lehenga sarees beautifully blends two classic styles to create a stunning look. These sarees are the perfect choice for bridesmaids and close relatives at weddings. If you’re looking for an outfit to add to your wedding guest wardrobe, our collection of lehenga sarees is all you need. By adding a few contemporary details to the look, you’re sure to turn heads like never before.

Dress Me Royal offers a massive variety of lehenga sarees with intricate details such as drapes, ruffles, and embellishments that are sure to catch your eye. While the color scheme is usually monotone, the combinations of bright and pastel hues are breathtakingly gorgeous. To complete your look, pair your lehenga saree with either minimal or extravagant designer jewelry and accessories like clutches and footwear. Lehengas for women have evolved over time, with new styles and patterns being introduced daily, making it difficult to choose just one. Our team of fashion and style experts can assist you in selecting the best traditional or contemporary lehenga saree that suits your personal style.

FAQs on Lehenga-Saree Set

1. What are the latest trends in designer lehenga sarees?

Fusion of Indian and Western styles is currently the rage, resulting in a distinct and fashionable look. Below are other trends that are taking the designer lehenga saree scene by storm:

  1. Pastel shades: Soft pastel colours such as green, blue, and lavender are currently in vogue for designer lehenga sarees.
  2. 3D floral embroideries: Intricate designs featuring raised floral motifs that give a 3D effect to the lehenga saree are popular in designer collections.
  3. Boho and rustic prints: Bold and vibrant colours are prevalent in designer lehenga sarees.
  4. Intricate Zari work: Zari work is a timeless trend in which metallic threads are used for embroidery, and it continues to be popular in lehenga sarees. At Aza Fashions, you can find unique collections of embroidered lehenga sarees.
  5. Mirrored embellishments: For added glamour, mirrored embellishments like sequins and mirrors are being used in designer lehenga sarees.

2. What is the difference between a lehenga saree and a traditional saree?

Lehenga Saree is a fusion of two classic styles, giving you the best of both worlds. Unlike a traditional saree, which is a single piece of cloth draped around the body and tucked into the waistband, the lehenga saree is worn like a saree but has the appearance of a lehenga.