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Winter Saree Chic: Styling Tips and Ideas for Cold Weather Elegance

When winter comes, sarees are often relegated to the back of the wardrobe as they are not commonly considered part of winter fashion. However, with some creativity, sarees can be styled elegantly even in the colder months. Here are some tips on how to style your winter saree:

1. Style your sarees with coats

Instead of pairing your saree with a grandma’s sweater, consider styling it with a silk coat or a long overcoat for a royal and lavish touch. This is perfect for formal events and functions. You can also add a fur muffler for added elegance.

2. Boost your vitality with a jacket

Jackets are no longer limited to jeans and breeches, they can also be paired with sarees for a chic and stylish look. Consider switching the regular choli for a Nehru coat or experimenting with different types of jackets such as velvet, contrast, ethnic or denim jackets.

3. Slim-fit sweaters are delicately designed but still sassy

Opt for bodycon sweaters, turtlenecks, fitted cardigans, or sweatshirts under your saree for a practical yet sophisticated look. Floral printed silk sarees can be paired with turtleneck blouses, while cardigans are a good option for a historic look without adding bulk.

4. Beautify your saree with a cover-up

Use dupattas or shawls to enhance your winter saree look. You can drape a silk dupatta or a shawl as a pallu around your saree to add warmth and style. Capes are also a great accessory to add a mesmerizing element to your saree, just make sure to choose a fabric that complements your saree.

5. Replace blazers with tight-fitting long-sleeve shirts

For a more casual winter look, consider wearing a slim-fit long-sleeve shirt instead of a blazer. Pair it with thermal clothing for added warmth and highlight the look with a belt or a traditional headband.

6. Bring in palazzos or pantsuits

Swap your inner skirt or petticoat with pants or palazzos for a modern twist on winter saree styling. This not only keeps you warm but also adds a Greek mystic look.

7. Glorify your saree look with an Anarkali kurta

Pairing sarees with Anarkali kurtas may seem unconventional, but it can create a unique and stylish look. Keep the kurta neutral in color and slide it through the layers of the saree, then flip the pallu over your shoulders for added flair.

8. Choose saree fabrics that provide warmth

Opt for saree fabrics such as velvet, brocade, or Banarasi silk, which are heavier and provide warmth in colder temperatures. These fabrics also come in luxurious colors and exquisite details that can elevate your winter saree look.

With these tips, you can confidently wear sarees even during winter and create stylish and elegant looks while staying warm.

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